Make Your Bathroom Even More Accessible With a Remodel

If you have someone in your family who deals with a disability and needs more room to get around, or just feel like your bathroom has become too cramped, you might think about expanding the room with a remodel to make it roomier and allow for more space for someone to move around. Thankfully, with some simple bathroom remodeling tips, you can make it easy to make your bathroom a little more accessible.

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Whether you’re planning on doing it DIY style or hiring bathroom remodelers in bloomington, il, these handy tips will make the process go much smoother for you as you work to widen your bathroom and bring more space into it.

First, you should think about adding in handicap features if you are aiming to make it more accessible for a disabled family member. You could bring in a walk-in shower tub or add a handicap bench into your current shower. This will make bathing a much easier process for anyone with a disability in your family.

Second, think about spacing out fixtures. You want to grant plenty of room to move about, and the smart placement of fixtures and furnishings in the bathroom will make that task much simpler. If you have someone in the family who uses a wheelchair, make sure you think about wheelchair dimensions when deciding how to go about placing things.

You can also add in elements like a handicap grab bar that makes it easy for a disabled person to stabilize themselves as they move around the room. This, combined with other disability-friendly features, will make the bathroom much more accessible to anyone who has special requirements.

Making your bathroom as accessible as possible is a noble cause to ensure everyone in your home has equal access to being able to use the bathroom freely and without assistance. It will also help promote safety when a handicapped person uses it unaccompanied. Once the job is done, you will feel much better about yourself and the accommodations you are providing.